We Provide Quality Service

Dedicated Team

Our ambitious team's goal is to meet every client's need and exceed their expectations. HFE cares for both our team and customers.


Our two major facilities are located at Lancaster, PA and Florence, SC with enhanced security systems for both our workers and your products.


We provide professional inspection, repackaging, and refurbishment services for apparel, cosmetics, and more.


We are currently a preferred service provider to QVC and have been devloping solid relationships with world class vendors.


HFE's Quality Control Process

  • personnel training and qualification;
  • controlling the product design;
  • controlling documentation; controlling purchasing;
  • product identification and traceability at all stages of production;
  • controlling and defining production and process;
  • defining and controlling inspection,
  • validating processes;

  • product acceptance;
  • controlling nonconforming product;
  • instituting corrective and preventive action when errors occur;
  • labeling and packaging controls;
  • handling, storage, distribution and installation;
  • records;
  • servicing;
  • statistical techniques

Looking for Professional Inspection, Repackaging, and Refurbishment Services?