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To provide an environment that is driven to create life long love of learning

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We have over 50 years of experience in education

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We are well versed and ready to help your child reach their full potential

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About us

We have a passion for standards of excellence delivered to "urban" students in our K - 4 model. Every grade is integrated and are collaborative creating a community environment that promotes academic success with social and emotional growth.

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What makes us unique

At Qor, every student is exceptionally unique and will have cultivate their own paths of interests and abilities. We are dedicated to promoting our educational philosophy Academic Tenacity which simply means “Our students will work harder and smarter”.

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Board Members

The Board helps create and maintain Qor Charter School vision and provides solid support to succeed. Qor Board members are dedicated and passionate in pursuit of serving our students. The Board is committed to providing a safe, innovative, creative learning environment. Our Board members collectively bring an eclectic style to building a successful goal oriented school. The Board serves as the foundation of our program, delivering exceptional ideas and plans to elevate and grow Qor Charter School

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